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Be a Broadway In the Basin Subscriber!

Subscribers enjoy exclusive benefits including a guarantee of the same great seats to each season show, and the option to renew those seats from year to year.  In addition, subscribers receive additional special ticket offers and the chance to purchase tickets to added shows before the general public. Tickets are received via mail prior to the performance to avoid box office lines – and lost ticket insurance is included at no additional charge for subscribers.

Important Dates

  • The renewal period for current subscribers is to be announced. 

  • New subscriber period to be announced

Become a 2024 - 2025 Season Subscriber 

You can sign up to receive information about the next season's subscription options by clicking the button below and submitting the information form.  

Sign Up To Be Notified About 24-25 Broadway Subscriptions

2024-2025 New Season Subsciber's will go on sale at a to be announced date. Click the button below to purchase your subscription.

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